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Our value based corporate culture is the basis of how we treat each other and third parties.

Our reputation as one of the leading consultancies in Vienna depends on the professional quality of our employees as well as on their mental attitude in terms of work, employer, clients and colleagues. In order to permanently guarantee our success, we have defined six corporate values serving us as guidelines in our daily work routine. Thus, our employees and partners know what is expected from them and what they can expect from Baldinger & Partner.

The following values form the basis of our corporate culture and are mandatory for our attitude towards each other and third parties:

  • Performance

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Team spirit

  • Role model function

  • Responsibility




High professional standards are the quality benchmarks for the performance of our consultancy. Everybody is personally obliged to first class performance and is personally liable of his or her area of responsibility. Our employees are dedicated to entrepreneurial thinking and acting for the benefit of Baldinger & Partner. This is the only way to provide excellent service with innovative solutions on a high level. Only this will assure our consultancy's successful long-term existence.



Mutual respect is the key factor in our day-to-day business. Everybody must respect the role, achievements, experiences and the individuality of every single person. Thus we ensure humanity in an organization that is facing growing competition and economic pressure to succeed. Every single person has a place in the team and is accepted as an individual no matter what gender, age or position. We support personal development and respect and encourage professional objectives.



At Baldinger & Partner we comprehend integrity both internally and externally.

By internal integrity we understand our employees' obligation to identify with the consultancy and be loyal to the partners. Integrity is reflected in the personal behaviour of every single employee and the way he or she creates and shapes the image of our consultancy.


By external integrity we understand the obligation to be impartial, independent and discreet. These personal qualities are the pillars of our professional group as we depend on the trust of clients, authorities and the public.

Team spirit


Every single person must be aware that the team as a whole is more than the sum of its parts. We are convinced that the sharing of knowledge, experiences and information leads to a benefit for all. This includes an open communication and an active feedback culture. We foster a culture of dialogue with the corresponding qualities: the ability to accept criticism sensibility and courage in difficult situations. The team spirit at Baldinger & Partner is marked by fairness, recognition and mutual trust, active listening and honesty. Everybody can and must contribute his or her part to a positive working atmosphere.

Role model function


A leading position includes a high amount of responsibility beyond the range of tasks. A person in a leading position must be aware that he or she is not only a leader, but also a role model for others - in terms of work and also with regard to his or her mind set and interpersonal behaviour. However, leadership is not a question of the position. Great power emerges where everybody is aware of his or her responsibility for the behaviour and the motivation of all fellow colleagues. Baldinger & Partner encourages this awareness. We want our employees and partners to act and treat others in the same way how they want to be treated by others.



The needs of our clients have a major impact on our way of thinking and on our actions. We are monitoring the development of the legal framework conditions and their consequences impartially and with a critical view. It is our responsibility to  find the best possible solutions for our clients.

We offer a working environment where everybody can be successful and further develop his or her career. This is our responsibility towards ours employees.

In return, we expect that our employees take on and live the responsibility that they are entrusted with. This responsibility does not end in case of illness or other unforeseen occurrences. Every single person has to make sure that the obligations towards our clients can be met anytime no matter what happens.

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