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Tax Advisory

We make sure that revenues stay with those who have generated them to the highest possible extent.


The national and international fiscal and tax legislation is in constant change, becoming more and more complex each year. At the same time, the methods and cooperation of the tax authorities are getting more radical and global. Therefore, the taxpayer increasingly needs protection from specialists. Put your trust in the decade-long expertise of Baldinger & Partner. We will not only support and advise you in all fiscal matters, but also act as your deputy when it comes to negotiating with the tax authorities.


Our service portfolio includes


  • Advice in all tax matters

  • Support of Austrian subsidiaries of global firms

  • Tax optimisation accross various associations (tax groups)

  • Tax optimisation during foundation, purchase and sale of companies (M&A), of company shares and real estate

  • Fiscal supervision of reorganisations

  • Initiation of legal action up to Administrative Court objections

  • Support in external tax audits

  • Defense in fiscal prosecutions

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