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Specialist Information

In this section, we keep ready latest information regarding taxation, law and finance for different professional groups, consumers and associations.
General Tax News


Find out valuable and current information on taxation. What is going to be altered, what will remain as it is? In what respect will deductible amounts and tax exemptions change? Are you prepared for a control by the tax police? What has to be considered until the end of the year?




For Medical Doctors


In this section, doctors will find answers to questions such as "What kind of expenses are tax-deductible for head doctors?", "What are the changes in terms of deductible amounts and tax exemptions?" Or learn the latest news on the foundation of a surgery.


For Company Founders


You would like to found a company? What are the funding bodies you can turn to? To what extent and how can funding capital be raised? What will be the best legal entity?



For Landlords

When renting real estate one should not only be informed about the legal aspects, but also have some knowledge on the fiscal situation. In this section landlords and landladies will receive latest expert information on taxation as well as useful tips and tricks.


Consumer Information


In these sections, we have compiled latest information concerning the development of prices and cars. How much have increased the consumer prices? What has to be considered when buying a car from a state of the EU or some other country?


For Entrepreneurs

Here entrepreneurs get to know current information on topics such as payroll accounting, social security contributions, Basel II, planning and conrolling as well as accounting.

For Associations


Associations are facing many fiscal obligations.

In what case an association is tax-exempt? What is the meaning of charitable or ecclesiastical purpose?

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