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Payroll Accounting and Human Resources (HR)

We make your relationship with the employees rest upon a safe and sound basis.


The field of payroll accounting is very comprehensive and among the most complex legal issues. On the one hand, it is connected with a lot of time absorbing administrative activities. On the other hand, it includes multifaceted questions of the income tax law and of the employment and social security law. Therefore, an increasing number of companies delegate the payroll accounting to specialists. We offer our clients a complete service.


Our services portfolio includes


  • Monthly wage and salary accounting

  • Monthly accounting of income tax, social security contributions, employer´s taxes and contributions, municipal tax

  • Bank transfer of wages and salaries, public taxes and contributions

  • Taking over of reporting obligations and obligatory declarations (end-of-year wage slips, evidence of employment and remuneration)

  • Advice in issues with regard to income tax and social security law

  • Advice in issues concerning employment contracts

  • Payroll accounting in an international context (employees assignment from Austria into other countries and vice-versa)

  • Support in all employment law matters (network of labour law specialists)

  • Supervision of wage tax audits (GPLA audits)

  • Appeal against unjustified tax assessments and administration penalties


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