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Online Calculators

Here we are providing convenient online calculators. Pls. click on the corresponding button and the desired calculator will appear.
VAT no. identification




By means of this online tool, value added tax (VAT) numbers of companies can be identified quickly and easily.




Social security calculator


With this program you can easily calculate your contributions according to the commercial social insurance law. You can figure out either the preliminary or the final amounts.



Income tax calculator


This useful online calculator helps you figure out the income tax in no time (credit note or additional payment). You have to type in only some core figures.

Annuities calculator



Free of charge online annuities calculator to figure out payment rates, interest rates and redemption payments in case you are financing future investments by a credit (annuity loan)


Gross-net calculator


How much remains from your wage or salary after the deduction of all fees and taxes? With our gross-net calculator it is easy to figure out your net income.




Travel costs calculator



A travel expense report is a nuisance and complicated. With the travel costs calculator of  Baldinger & Partner this is done quickly and easily.

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