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Annual Financial Statement and Tax Return

We draw the balance on behalf of our clients.


All companies - except small craftsmen and independent professionals - are legally obliged to prepare a financial statement for each financial year. An annual financial statement has to precisely mirror the company's situation in terms of wealth, earnings and liquidity. It informs on the economic situation of a firm and is the basis for the annual taxation rate and social security of independent professionals. As all taxes of income are reducing the substance of a company this field is of central importance.


The preparation of annual financial statements is among our core competences. Put your trust in our expertise in this regulatory framework that is increasingly turning more and more complex.


Our services portfolio includes


  • Annual financial statements of all legal entities including tax returns

  • Annual financial statements for global firms by applying international accounting standards

  • Publication of the financial statements at the commercial court of registration

  • Cash basis accounting and individual tax declarations

  • Calculation of the social security burden for entrepreneurs on the basis of the respective annual financial statement

  • Commercial business analysis

  • Special financial statements and interim financial statements

  • End-of-year evaluation with a view into the future (company strategy, liquidity preview etc.)

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