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ÖBVP Forum of Advanced Training - Seminar "Foundation and management of a surgery"

This praxis-oriented seminar, taking place on the 12th of November 2016, is held by Mag. Dieter Welbich and Dr. Christa Pölzbauer. It is meant for future psychotherapists who are still in training or under supervision or for those who are about to open up their own practice or are at the beginning of their self-employed career. This seminar will support them in the execution of their professional role.

InterCityHotel Vienna, Mariahilfer Straße 122, 1070 Vienna - 09.00 a.m.-06.00 p.m.

Agenda (extract):

  • Social security and health insurance

  • Tax and tax authority

  • Tax documentation for psychotherapists

  • On what basis income tax and social security are calculated?

  • Expenses deductable from the income tax

  • In what case self-employed psychotherapists have to pay social security?

  • Tax details to be indicated in the invoices




Tax expert Dieter Welbich is keynote speaker at the pflegekongress16 in Vienna

On the 24th and 25th of November 2016, pflegenetz organizes the pflegekongress16 at the Austria Center Vienna in cooperation with the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft. pflegekongress16 is taking place for the 14th time according to the motto "Worth of care: Value(s) of nursing care". Dieter Welbich, Baldinger & Partner, talks about the topic: "Self-employed in nursing care – current tax and law issues".

  • How to get the trade licence

  • Membership at the Chamber of Commerce

  • Registration at SVA and GSVG-contribution payments

  • Advisable insurances

  • Tax registration

  • Income tax treatment, Pauschalierung, Erstellung der Steuererklärungen, ESt-Zahlungen

  • VAT treatment

  • Interruption and termination of the business activity

  • Deduction of payments of nursing staff for persons in need of care




Martin Riedl is guest lecturer at the Academy of Public Accountants

Marin Riedl, Baldinger & Partner, is teaching "Cost accounting for accountants" as guest lecturer at the Academy of Public Accountants. The two-day seminar is part of an advanced training course and is offered in Vienna and also in Salzburg. Interested persons can register directly via the academy. Please note that there will be tuition fees.


Content of the seminar:

  • Cost accounting, cost center accounting, variable costs and fix costs, cost drivers accounting

  • Critical values, marginal costing, ideal production programme

  • Step by styp contribution margin accounting, calculated cost accounting, cost management

25th + 26th of November 2016 Salzburg

2nd + 3rd of December 2016 Vienna


More information / registration


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