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We put your entrepreneurial future on stable pillars.



In contrast to financial and cost accounting that is oriented towards the past, budgeting is marked by a future-oriented approach. It is defining entrepreneurial objectives and is supporting the management when it comes to steering the company and preparing decisions.

We help you make your projects calculable by showing feasible financial scenarios. The preparation is always tailor made according to the needs of the management, of the investors, banks and funding bodies. By means of a deviation analysis we are checking regularly where you currently stand compared to the budgeted figures. We are experienced in the development of lean, individualised controlling structures. We evaluate existing controlling systems in order to sharpen the view on information that are decision-relevant.


Our service portfolio includes


  • Revenue planning

  • Procurement planning

  • Production planning

  • Staff planning

  • Investment planning

  • Profit-loss planning

  • Budgeted balance sheet

  • Financial planning (cash-flow planning)

  • Development of planning scenarios

  • Development of business plans

  • Support of the budgeting process

  • Ongoing deviation analysis

  • Development of controlling and reporting systems

  • Evaluation and adaptation of existing controlling systems



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